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Right Brain Training

Cognitive skills enable a person to perform daily tasks with precision. The skills would include everything that helps to carry on a normal life like thinking, speech, reading, memory, and comprehension. Each of these skills plays a substantial part in developing new information and efficient retrieval. If one of the cognitive skills is lacking, then grasping, retention, or memory gets affected. Because of this gap, most people struggle with learning. Why? The brain does not have the ability or enough of it to perform the task easily. It translates into various issues in reading, dictation, and memory. Problems like these can be identified predominantly among school children. This is precisely the reason why Sugsar assists the students with suitable brain development training. This is where brain training plays a vital role in strengthening cognitive skills. Sugsar also provides ADHD treatment in Chennai.

On a day-to-day basis, kids are only not provided with new information but are also made to remember them easily with memory improvement techniques. It is very important that the brain grasps this information and uses them effectively. To do this, brain relies on proper functioning of seven core skills and makes it possible to learn new things – attention, working memory, logic and reasoning, visual processing, auditory processing, processing speed and long-term memory. If any of these skills are not up to the mark, performing mental tasks, learning new things would become difficult, no matter how many times the kids are taught or tutored.

Right Brain Training plays a crucial role in Memory Improvement Techniques by promoting creative thinking and enhancing visual memory, leading to better recall and retention of information.

How do we achieve this?

At SUGSAR EDUTECH, we test each of the above mentioned seven core skills to identify the weak skills and give them personalised right brain training and other activities that would bring out a healthy change to the kid. These trainings target at strengthening the kids cognitive skills and help them learn easier, faster and better. We provides exclusive learning strategies to improve their language, reading, comprehension and mathematical ability at our english coaching centre in Chennai.

Our brain training programmes has three key features:

1. Adaptive training : Our training programmes are designed to suit the kids needs and abilities. The sessions would target on improving their concentration abilities and overcoming their learning difficulties. In this way, the kids brain trainer can assure that the training would be very beneficial as it is specialized particularly for that individual kid and not everyone in general.

2. Speed up : We use timed tasks to train the brain to work faster. The key to improving the speeding up process is to enable them to make strong connections in the brain. The more the connections, the stronger is their ability to develop their cognitive skills.

3. Attention & Concentration improvement : Attention and Concentration are key to learning. We train kids to maintain sustained attention to stay focused with our comprehensive Concentration Exercises For Students.

SUGSAR EDUTECH offers a systematic way of right brain training to sharpen the kids natural brain capabilities and synergise both hemispheres of the brain for a holistic development. Thus, by significantly enlarging the whole brain capacity, we enable the child to learn more effectively and efficiently. Sugantha, the kids brain trainer, reads the brain signals indicative of focus or concentration and provides customised exercises/ activities to improve the kids memory and attention skills.

What constitutes the memory process? Just like every other function, memory is a series of things happening one after the other. It has already been established that attention plays a very important role in memory. In fact, the first process of memory is attention. There is much more information in our environment than we can process at any one time. All our senses are absorbing a multitude of information from various sources and all this needs to be processed. SUGSAR EDUTECH also provides Maths tuition in chennai.

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