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One-on-One Brain Training Sessions(bts)

Many parents seek tutoring for their children when they need help in school. Traditional tutoring involves someone working with a child to help them take in information and remember it. While this is helpful, it must be repeated with every subject (math, reading, spelling, etc.) as each subject involves new and different information. When the struggles your child is experiencing is not related to missed class instruction and is a result of weak cognitive skills, tutoring may only further frustrate them. They may need to train their brain to overcome those challenges.

Brain Training at SUGSAR EDUTECH provides your child with a personal trainer who targets their weak skills and strengthens them through mental exercises that are fun and challenging. Brain Training provides your child with the mental edge needed to improve their learning potential. They will be taught better thinking skills they can transfer to any learning environment. This training will build your child’s cognitive skills and allow them to discontinue medications, no longer need remediation reading groups, and no longer have to be pulled from class for special help..

When to Use Brain Training

Struggling with learning can be due to weak cognitive skills the brain needs to think, perform, and learn. These cognitive skills help your child to

  • Pay attention
  • Help your child to concentrate
  • Allow them to remember what they hear
  • Allow them to use reasoning and analytical skills to understand

Course details

  • Your child's brain training session starts at the consultation.
  • At the consultation, kids will be assessed for their learning pattern and concentration levels.
  • A practice schedule will be assigned to improve the child's memory and concentration.
  • There will be a review in the subsequent classes. The review classes are done to ensure that the child is comfortable with the practice and benefits out of it.
  • We help them in their academics with shortcut techniques to memorize.
  • All classes thereafter will be scheduled on one‐to‐one basis only.
  • The session is to be attended by kid and the parents.


  • 13 sessions - 13hours- IBT page
  • Age : 6 – 18 years

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SUGSAR EDUTECH specializes in core brain training techniques, cognitive skill identification and whole brain development of children.

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