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SUGSAR EDUTECH specializes in core brain training techniques, cognitive skill identification and whole Memory Improvement Techniques. The programme aims at understanding how each individual's brain record, utilizes, stores and retrieves information and guides them through a series of memory and child concentration exercises to enhance their academic, cognitive and life skills.

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Brain Training
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Assessments are a crucial first step in identifying and understanding a child's learning, social, and wellbeing needs. Sugsar Edutech provides a wide range of diagnostic assessment services to determine children’s learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses.

We offer specialized interventions and therapies to enhance the child's competence and wellbeing by assessing and understanding where a child has challenges. Each child is unique, and hence it is best to discuss your concerns with Sugsar Edutech to choose the right type of assessment for your kid.

Sugsar Edutech offers a wide range of psychology assessments including:

  • Academic Assessment
  • IQ Assessment
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Dyslexia Assessment
  • ADHD Assessment
  • Autism Assessment
  • Memory Assessment
  • Speech and Language Assessment

Benefits of Brain Training

Speed Reading
Mental Calculation
Language skills
Creative Thinking

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Baby Brain Development

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Baby Brain Development

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Right Brain Training

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Internationally certified Brain trainer & Accredited NLP Practitioner


SUGANTHA SARAVANAN is a research scholar from Anna University. She is an internationally certified brain trainer and an accredited NLP practitioner. Sugantha guides children through a series of brain training methodologies and innovative learning techniques to unlock their hidden skills. Her one-on-one brain training sessions have helped the kids to identify their individual capabilities and step up to the next higher level and speed up their mental processing ability. She has developed meta-cognitive strategies to suit individual's brain patterns. The programs devised by Sugantha imparts a holistic development in kids.

Best Concentration Exercises For Students

Sugsar Edutech renders a comprehensive brain development program that will improve memory, logical reasoning, and information processing. Our right brain training will detect any gaps in the cognitive abilities of the child and provide a personalized brain training program. We assess the child and go about with a series of Concentration Exercises For Students targeted at holistic brain development.

A child’s brain develops rapidly from birth onwards. Most of the cognitive functions are at their peak from their birth until 5 years. Therefore, brain development programs have a massive impact with an early start. All the information and distinct experiences that a child picks up during this age group have a significant influence in shaping the cognitive abilities of the child.

But, what benefit does Brain development give for your kids?

Increase thinking capacity

All the efforts, in the end, strive to achieve this part of the cognitive ability in a kid. The activities directed at the student will first improve and widen the thinking skill. It allows the child to make informed decisions, and plan everything in the appropriate manner. Our program serves as the best ADHD treatment in Chennai to enhance working memory capacity, helping individuals better hold and manipulate information in their minds.

Improves working memory

Operative memory, or otherwise called working memory, is one of the essential cognitive abilities. This part of the brain is necessary to take in, simultaneously process, and effectively store new information. This type of memory is temporary in nature. It is also very instrumental in carrying out activities like reading, writing, and language comprehension. It is achieved by constant Child concentration activities for students

Improves processing ability

Only when the brain process information, it can work efficiently. Thus, a strategic brain development program will focus on ramping up the brain’s speed in processing speech, vision, and sound quicker and also helps to arrange the information received in a clear manner so as to enable fast retrieval of the processed memory.

Improves Attention

Attention span is very necessary to distinguish relevant and irrelevant cues from the totality of the environment. It is an important ability as it helps the child be vigilant of his surroundings and the activity that he is doing at that time. Sugsar runs a center for Maths tuition in Chennai that focuses on increasing the attention of the child through specific mathematical techniques. Our VR therapy inclusion in our programs enhances attention and focus by immersing individuals in simulated environments. The interactive nature of VR exercises engages cognitive functions, improving concentration.

Our Services:

We are your one-stop destination for comprehensive and forward-thinking learning experiences. Our unique approach encompasses a range of services designed to cater to the diverse needs of students.

Maths Center Of Excellence:

At Sugsar Edutech, we understand that mastering mathematics is a crucial foundation for success in various fields. Our math tuition program is tailored to meet individual learning styles and pace, ensuring that each student builds a strong foundation in mathematical concepts. Our experienced tutors utilize interactive methods, various concentration activities for students, and practical applications to make learning math an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

English Center Of Excellence:

Effective communication is a vital skill in today's world. Our English Center for Excellence is designed to enhance language proficiency, comprehension, and critical thinking. We offer personalized tutoring that improves reading, writing, and verbal skills. Our dedicated instructors create a supportive environment, fostering a love for language and literature.

VR Therapy:

Innovative solutions meet mental well-being at Sugsar Edutech. We offer Virtual Reality (VR) therapy as a cutting-edge approach to address various mental health challenges. Our VR therapy sessions provide a safe and controlled environment for individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, or other emotional issues. Guided by licensed therapists, our VR therapy is a modern and effective way to promote mental wellness.

Right Brain Education:

Unlocking the brain's full potential is at the heart of our Right Brain Education program. We recognize the importance of nurturing creativity, intuition, and holistic thinking. Our Right Brain Education curriculum is designed to stimulate artistic expression, enhance memory retention, and foster a well-rounded approach to learning. We cultivate a balanced and comprehensive educational experience through engaging activities and concentration exercises for students.

At Sugsar Edutech, we believe in holistic development, acknowledging that each student is unique and possesses untapped potential. Our commitment to quality education and innovative approaches ensure that students excel academically and develop essential life skills.

At Sugsar, your child can perform better with our help. We help develop concentration, logical reasoning, processing, and pave the way for more brain development to happen. If you want your child to improve their language, you may visit our English coaching centre in chennai. Sugsar also runs a center for Maths tuition in Chennai that focuses on increasing the attention of the child through specific mathematical techniques. We are also a pioneer in ADHD Treatment in Chennai.

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SUGSAR EDUTECH specializes in core brain training techniques, cognitive skill identification and whole brain development of children.

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