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Sugsar Edutech brain training programs are designed to enhance memory, focus, and problem-solving skills,

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How brain training works?

Sugsar Edutech brain training programs are designed to enhance memory, focus, and problem-solving skills, empowering your kid to excel in every aspect of life. We strengthen their neural connections and optimize brain function through personalized exercises and innovative techniques. Whether you're looking to boost productivity, improve academic performance, or maintain cognitive vitality as you age, our tailored brain training approach offers effective solutions. We assess the child and go about with a series of concentration exercises for students targeted at holistic brain development. Take the first step towards a sharper mind and a brighter future with our scientifically backed brain training programs!

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Over a Decade of Brain Training Experience

Sugsar Edutech stands as a beacon in the realm of education, guided by the principle that, "One size doesn't fit all in learning”. We have made research in the field of education in identifying different brain training techniques suitable for children. Our mission is to bring out the best in each child by guiding them through a series of memory and concentration techniques, boosting not only academic performance but also improving overall cognitive and life skills. Sugsar Edutech concentration exercises for students are crucial tools for enhancing a child's ability to focus and learn efficiently.

Sugsar Edutech is a leading educational institution, guided by the principle that personalized learning is key. We're firm believers that everyone has their own way of thinking—each person's brain works uniquely. Understanding these thinking patterns is crucial for effective education. At Sugsar Edutech, we're dedicated to helping children develop their cognitive skills in a way that suits them best. By consistently practicing the concentration exercises for students, their cognitive skills can significantly improve, helping them stay focused and attentive during classroom learning and daily tasks. Our programs stand out, offering struggling students a chance to address their challenges and rebuild their ability to read and learn.


Our secret sauce? The ITP Protocol—Information, Transfer, and Practice. These three elements are key in consciously enhancing a learner's mind. By focusing on this approach, we directly impact how the mind processes information, making learning more effective and efficient for kids. Our goal is to empower children to handle new information with confidence.

The brain is like a supercomputer in your head, made up of about 86 billion tiny cells called neurons. These neurons work together to help you think, feel, and do things. The cool part is that your brain can change and get better at things—it's like a superhero that learns and grows! Think of your brain as a memory bank. It stores all the things you learn and remember, from what you had for breakfast to your favourite games. And guess what? It's also a master creator, giving you dreams, imagination, and cool ideas. Imagine tiny messengers in your brain, called neurotransmitters, having a dance party, and affecting how you feel and act. They play a big role in your mood, motivation, and everything in between. Taking care of your brain is like giving it superhero training like we do at Sugsar Edutech!

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Trying new things, playing games, and being mindful are like workouts for your brain, making it stronger and smarter. We are working on various cognitive skills and workouts, making it an exciting adventure to understand this incredible part of you. Unlocking the brain's full potential is at the heart of our brain education program. We recognize the importance of nurturing creativity, intuition, and holistic thinking. Our curriculum is designed to enhance memory retention and foster a well-rounded approach to learning. We cultivate a balanced and comprehensive educational experience through engaging activities and concentration exercises for students. Choose Sugsar Edutech for an educational journey that recognizes and nurtures each child's unique potential!

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Speed Reading

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Sugsar Edutech's brain training programs focus on regular children, or are they designed specifically for children with special learning needs?

    Sugsar Edutech's brain training programs are designed for all children, including both regular children and those with special learning needs.

  • What age group does Sugsar Edutech target?

    Sugsar Edutech targets individuals across various age groups ; 6 months onwards, school-aged children, adolescents and adults.

  • Are your programs customizable for individual needs?

    Yes, the programs are highly customizable to meet the specific learning requirements and abilities of each child.

  • What services do you provide for adults?

    We provide brain training for adults to improve their cognitive skills, and we also work on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for emotional regulation and mindfulness.

  • Does Sugsar Edutech provide support for students with special learning needs?

    Yes, Sugsar Edutech provides support for students with special learning needs. Our programs are designed to cater to the unique requirements of these students, offering personalized interventions and accommodations to facilitate their learning and development.

  • Can Sugsar Edutech help with open schooling support (NIOS)?

    Absolutely! Sugsar Edutech provides comprehensive open schooling support services, including curriculum development, academic coaching, and supplemental resources.

  • Do you have tuition services?

    Yes, we provide tuition for both in-person and online services for one-on-one and group tuition for all subjects.

  • Do you provide home tuition?

    We provide one-on-one services at our centre only.



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