SUGSAR EDUTECH is an educational organization that focuses on the idea that "One size doesn't fit all in learning". We have made researches in the field of education in identifying different brain training techniques suitable for children. We devise methodologies to unveil the inherent qualities of children and guide them through a series of memory and concentration techniques to enhance their academic, cognitive and life skills.

Every person has the ability to think intelligently and creatively. The brain is the source of key mental faculties such as memory, imagination, creativity and innovation. One of the biggest miseducating fact is that all human beings use the same process for thinking. Not so obviously, we all have unique ways of thinking. Understanding the pattern of processing information is crucial to finding the most effective ways to educate your child.

SUGSAR EDUTECH helps in strengthening the child’s cognitive skills. Our mental skills trainings are different. It provides the student a chance to get to the root of the problem and literally rebuild his or her ability to read and learn. A struggling student who is seeking to optimize academic performance must consider these trainings that are foundations to learning.

SUGSAR EDUTECH focuses on ITP Protocol to achieve this expertise. The three elements -Information, Transferand Practice are critical in enhancing the learner's mind consciously. It has a direct impact on the process that happens inside the human mind and internal mental structure. The overall goal of this ITP approach is to process any new information effectively and efficiently by kids.

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SUGSAR EDUTECH specializes in core brain training techniques, cognitive skill identification and whole brain development of children.

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