Brain Training For Adults

Learning never ends! As we move forward with life, we acquire new skills and face new situations. In all these moments, our brain keeps learning and re-wiring. Therefore, a person can still increase their brain power irrespective of their age group. For an adult, cognitive skill development would be required on two occasions:

  1. Brain training for those moving up the corporate ladder and need more cognitive skills to excel at the job.
  2. Otherwise, an elder who needs Dementia treatment to get back their lost abilities because of their age.

No matter the purpose of brain training, the process will certainly improve the overall brain power and help an adult make well-judged decisions in life.

Why do adults require brain training?

The American Institute of Stress report says that 77% of people have stress that can affect their physical health. 

The pressure of the dynamic world is slowly eating away the mental health of the people and we all need to hit the pause button. 

So, Sugsar provides brain training for adults that improves their cognitive abilities and reduces their stress as well.

What can brain training achieve?

Cognitive skill development may sound like one activity. It actually encompasses many elements that work together to achieve holistic brain development. At Sugsar, we try to accomplish the following through our brain training sessions for adults.


Mindfulness training, as the name suggests, focuses on diverting all the attention to the present moment. Being mindful is to be fully aware of the thoughts, the surroundings, and the self. Rather than thinking about what has happened or what will happen, mindfulness converges on the ‘now’ moment.

Practicing mindfulness keeps a person away from all the stress of the physical world. Many studies have pointed to the fact that mindfulness is capable of reshaping the brain’s physical structure.

At Sugsar, we employ mindfulness-based cognitive therapy training for the overall development of the brain.


Brain training can lower the risk of dementia in older adults by 29%. Many elders slowly lose cognitive abilities because they do not practice what they learn. Our brain works on the ‘Use it or lose it’ approach. When the brain is very active, it is less likely to forget things or lose thinking skills. 

Therefore, Sugsar provides dementia treatment to improve the memory and thinking capacity of elders. 

Memory Improvement

Sugsar uses productive memory improvement techniques that increase the retention capacity of an adult. Our mind is designed in such a way that it needs consistent reinforcement for long-term retention. As far as the brain is concerned, the more frequently something is learned, the more important it is for the individual’s survival.

Hence, we use this characteristic of the human brain to improve memory in adults. Through spaced repetition and other learning methods, we can increase the brain’s power to retain more information and facilitate quick retrieval.

Development of cognitive skills

Cognitive skill developmentfocuses on building all the qualities needed to perform daily activities. It includes problem-solving, reasoning, attention, and efficient learning. These skills will help an adult excel at his workplace.

Let Sugsar bring out the hidden potential of your brain with mindfulness-based cognitive therapy training. Contact us today!

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