Learning difficulties is a term for a wide variety of learning problems. This need not necessarily be a problem with intelligence or motivation. It is simply that the brains of LD kids are wired differently and hence they receive and process information differently. The most important thing to remember is that LD kids are just as smart as anyone else and can be successful by imparting unique learning styles and memory improvement techniques.

Dyslexic children and children with ADHD have almost similar qualities. Dyslexic and ADHD children have attention difficulty issues because reading is so challenging that it causes them to lose their ability to concentrate. They both have difficulties with reading, writing or verbal instructions and are frustrated academically. But the one factor with which these disorders play out is - with dyslexic, it’s more of reading and writing difficulties while with ADHD, it’s more of behavioural problems. Get the best ADHD Treatment in Chennai at Sugsar.

Features of Dyslexia include:

  • Rereading several times for understanding
  • Problems finding the right words
  • Difficulty in spellings, grammar and handwriting
  • Understanding Math concepts
  • Difficulty in learning a language
  • Dyslexia poses challenges in language acquisition. Individuals with dyslexia may struggle with phonological processing; moreover, recognizing and manipulating sounds essential for language learning is harder for dyslexic children. Difficulties in decoding written words, recognizing patterns, and remembering sequences can impede comprehension and hinder vocabulary expansion. Traditional language teaching methods may not meet dyslexic learners' needs, necessitating personalized, multisensory approaches. Despite these challenges, we at, Sugsar Edutech, who are a pioneer in ADHD treatment in Chennai teach children with dyslexia through tailored interventions, such as visual aids and interactive strategies, fostering a supportive learning environment accommodating their unique cognitive processes.

  • Trouble with memory
  • Dyslexia often involves difficulties in memory functions. Individuals with dyslexia may encounter challenges in recalling information, both short-term and long-term. This memory struggle can affect various aspects, such as remembering instructions, sequences, and details. The condition does not indicate low intelligence but instead reflects differences in how the brain processes information. Understanding and addressing memory difficulties are crucial in supporting individuals with dyslexia, and we offer tailored learning strategies and foster a more inclusive educational environment as a part of ADHD treatment in Chennai.

  • Incorrect substitution of words
  • Dyslexia is a neurodevelopmental condition affecting reading, spelling, and writing, often misunderstood due to inaccurate word substitution. This erroneous replacement of terms may perpetuate misconceptions. For instance, interchangeably, using "word blindness" or "reading disorder" misrepresents the multifaceted nature of dyslexia. Proper understanding requires acknowledging its neurological basis, impacting language processing rather than mere visual impairment. Using imprecise synonyms can impede understanding and hinder the ability to provide appropriate empathy and support, thereby compromising effective communication in dyslexic kids. Our ADHD treatment in Chennai includes precision, fostering awareness and promoting inclusivity, dispelling myths surrounding dyslexia, and encouraging a nuanced understanding of the condition.

  • Difficulty in phonemic awareness
  • Dyslexia often involves difficulty in phonemic awareness, a crucial skill in recognizing and manipulating the individual sounds (phonemes) that make up words. Individuals with dyslexia may struggle to accurately identify, blend, or segment these phonemes, impeding their ability to decode words and comprehend written language. This challenge in distinguishing and manipulating sound units can lead to difficulties in spelling and reading. Phonemic awareness is essential for ADHD treatment in Chennai and acts as a foundation for successful literacy development. Its impairment in dyslexia underscores the need for targeted interventions and support to enhance these fundamental auditory processing skills, ultimately facilitating improved reading and language proficiency in individuals with dyslexia.

    Features of ADHD include:

  • Not a fluent reader as they skip endings
  • Difficulty in organization and proof reading
  • Attention deficit
  • Behavioural issues
  • Hyperactive
  • Easily distracted
  • Difficulty in focusing
  • Impatient
  • Note: ADHD symptoms are usually obvious from the first day of school whereas dyslexia is recognized in fourth or fifth grade when the kid shifts from reading to learning. When kids have difficulty with math, usually termed dyscalculia, they exhibit difficulty in addition, subtraction, understanding time/money concepts or word problems. If you think your child may be struggling with these difficulties, ensure that he gets ADHD Treatment in Chennai at the earliest.

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    We offer an individualized study pattern that lays a proper foundation to enhance memory and attention in kids. The programmes at SUGSAR EDUTECH are personalized to cater to the differing needs of learners. We impart intensive and explicit right brain workout techniques and concentration exercises for students that work better with LD, Dyslexic and ADHD kids. We also give strategic ADHD Treatment in Chennai to enable your child to equip the required skills for performing such activities with ease. SUGSAR EDUTECH offers specially tailored education programme that involves behavioural management, as in case of ADHD kids, to encourage them to cope with their situation. SUGSAR EDUTECH offers one of the best programme in brain development in Chennai. Though there are many baby brain development centres in Chennai, we are a pioneer in brain development programmes for kids aged 6 to 18 years who provide effective Right Brain Training through various concentration exercises for students to engage the students. SUGSAR EDUTECH also provides Maths tuition in chennai to improve the mental capabilities of those students.

    Some kids might have difficulty recognizing phonemes or difficulties related to language and speech. It is also not uncommon for kids with LD or Dyslexia to be late-speakers. They might have difficulty related to phonological awareness. Such kids require speech therapy. 

    Speech therapy is associated with the assessment and treatment of communication problems and disorders. SUGSAR offers following services:

  • Child language intervention
  • Articulation Therapy
  • Stuttering management
  • Adult language Therapy
  • Swallowing Management
  • Voice Therapy
  • Aural rehabilitation
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    • 13 sessions – 13 hours includes counseling, practice & therapy
    • Age : 6 – 18 years

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