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The brain develops even before birth and is very receptive to the external environment in the earliest stages.Therefore, the first year of your baby’s growth is very crucial for brain development.This graph is very intuitive in understanding the importance of starting early. Taking the help of a kids brain trainer would be very beneficial for the child’s right brain & working memory improvement during this stage.

All the major functions of the brain start developing before birth. It is during the first month that the brain forms neural bonds associated with sensory organs. As the child progresses, they build the ability to comprehend language and improve cognitive functions. Each one of these functions reaches its peak within the first year and decreases as the child grows.

Therefore, Sugsar’s memory improvement techniques and other brain training activities are effective as they align with this phase of the child’s brain development.

How can Sugsar Edutech improve your child’s brain?

Sugsar uses right brain education flashcards that make learning easy as the children visualize everything in front of them. This method fascinates children and instantly engages them in the learning process without much effort. Flashcard training is one of the most effective strategies for brain development. They are very ideal for toddlers to expand their creative thinking ability.

Why are flashcards essential?

Flashcards simplify the learning process for the children and serve as the best right brain exercise. They will retain and retrieve information with no effort. It is because flashcards assist in the formation of neural connections associated with memory and prompt retrieving capabilities. It is based on the concept of neuroplasticity—that is, the brain can re-shape and form new connections based on the external cues that it receives. Toddlers need to be exposed to an early learning format that is as simple and effective as this.

How do flashcards benefit your child?

Right brain flashcards broaden the creative scope of the child by improving their visual processing skills. Here are some of the benefits that your child stands to gain out of Sugsar’s brain training for toddlers:

  1. Promotes early childhood education
  2. Improves visual processing and eye contact
  3. Enhances the ability to remember and retrieve information
  4. Makes language comprehension easy
  5. Facilitates creative and logical thinking
  6. Allows the child to establish links between objects or concepts
  7. Increases the speed and number of new neural connections

Our training methodology

Sugsar engages the toddlers with an effective Right brain flashcards training approach called spaced repetition. It is a scientific principle where there are considerable gaps or spaces between each learning session. We reinforce concepts just before they fade away from memory. It increases the ability to remember things more efficiently. This method is more helpful than forcing all the facts at a time.

Therefore, let us enhance your toddler’s brain power through flashcards. Get in touch with our expert today!


  • Sessions – 3 Months - 5 Months
  • Age : 6 Months – 3 years

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