VR therapy has made leveraging breakthroughs in brain training. We customize for specific needs and target therapy plans with real time data feedback. Our VR sessions at SUGSAR EDUTECH allows you to

  • Improve focus and attention
  • Manage your phobias more quickly
  • Treat depression and anxiety
  • Have a customized treatment

Explore the ways that our therapy can help you. Learning and brain development doesn’t end when you become an adult. The simple fact is that you can improve your cognitive skills at any age.

our therapy

Memory Training & Concentration

Helps to improve memory and concentration by improving working memory and cognitive skills


Achieve behavior modification and mindfulness through VR training to control ADHD

Stress Management

VR has a set of tools to manage your stress and calm your mind and body. It helps you to be happy and more effective at work.


Helps to be completely aware of your thoughts and to focus your attention on the present moment

Public Speaking

Overcome the fear of public speaking that prevents you from sharing your ideas.


Improve intellectual functioning, memory, attention and social skills

Stress & Trauma

Recover your emotional equilibrium to rebuild your life.


Psychological treatment to overcome fear of flying, driving, darkness, heights etc

Panic Attacks

Reduces the intensity and frequency of panic attacks step-by-step to improve quality of life.

Best VR Therapy For All Ages


Virtual Reality (VR) is a technological interface that allows users to explore computer-generated environments within a controlled setting. This technology is increasingly used in the context of mental well-being. VR is well-suited for treating anxiety disorders, depression, neurological development and many other fields as it provides a sense of present and immersion state in the simulated environment. Anxiety is a medical condition in which a person experiences anxiety in social interactions (e.g., conversations, test anxiety in the case of kids, meeting new people, public speaking). VR-based interventions help people to learn a mindful approach when they are exposed to such kind of environment. The assessment of phobias through a person's fear or traumatic experiences helps treat them by exposing them to such a VR-controlled environment. For instance, in case of fear of flying, fear of darkness, fear of height etc., the VR is programmed accordingly for specific setting and stimuli to be used.

Panic disorders are characterized by sudden anxiety manifested by physiological fear that leads to avoidance of specific places or situations. In such cases, VR presents a controlled environmental stimulation of tunnel, parking lots, or highways to overcome their anxiety. VR-based treatments also help in practising mindfulness by relaxation or breathing techniques. It also helps in pain management techniques by the combination of cognitive and behavioural interventions. Biosensors also provide excellent results, which helps to analyze differences in anxiety levels and thus provide information for therapy success rate. Virtual reality treatment is the next big thing for mental well-being.


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