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Cognitive skills are the core skills that brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. Each of the cognitive skills play an important part in processing new information. If one of the cognitive skills is weak, then grasping, retention, or memory gets affected. In fact, most learning struggles are caused by one or more weak cognitive skills. This is where brain training plays a vital role in strengthening the cognitive skills.

On a day-to-day basis, children are provided with new information. It is very important that the brain grasps this information and uses them effectively. To do this, brain relies on proper functioning of seven core skills and makes it possible to learn new things – attention, working memory, logic and reasoning, visual processing, auditory processing, processing speed and long-term memory. If any of these skills isn’t working, doing mental task, learning new things would be harder, no matter how many times you are taught or tutored.

How do we achieve this?

At SUGSAR EDUTECH, we test each of the above mentioned seven core skills to identify the weak skill and give them personal brain training. These trainings target at strengthening the kids cognitive skills and help them learn easier, faster and better. It provides exclusive learning strategies to improve their language, reading, comprehension and mathematical ability.

Successful learning relies on Two Things: Successful learning requires great educational content, plus strong cognitive skills to process that content.

Teaching delivers the first; SUGSAR EDUTECH works on the second.

Why is brain training important?

No one is born with poor memory. As human beings, we have been gifted with an amazing powerful brain. The brain has an unenviable job of sifting out the unimportant bits and selecting the important matters that need to be stored.Memory is just one of the facetsof the multifarious functions of the brai.

Memory is the power of the brain to recall any information that has been stored in it. It is the power to remember something that has been learnt or experienced.Memory is important because if there was no memory,there would be no learning.The efficiency of the recall system is what makes your memory good or bad.Assuch there is nothing like good memory and bad memory.It is just the matterof training your brain to recall efficiently.Anyone can hone up the memory by training it.In order to make decisions and solve problems,one needs to

refer to previous experiences. To refer to the previous experiences,we mustremember them.No one really likes to waste time on re –learning. Therefore,it is imperative to improve our memory.

What constitutes the memory process? Just like every other function, memory is a series of things happening one after the other.The process of remembering can actually be divided into four easy steps:

  • Attention and Selection
  • Encoding
  • Storage
  • Retrieval

It has already been established that attention plays a very important role in memory. In fact, the first process of memory is attention. There is much more information in your environment than you can process at any one time. All our senses are absorbing a multitude of information from various sources and all this needs to be processed.

Once something is attended to, it must be encoded to be remembered. Basically encoding refers to translating incoming information into a mental representation that can be stored in memory.

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