Right Brain Training With Flash Cards

Right Brain Training With Flash Cards

Flashcards are very popular in right brain training because they improve memory and stimulate the brain’s creative side. A prompt is written on one side of the card while its description is given on the other side. The trainer displays the card to the children as they memorize the visuals. This method offers significant results with little effort. 

Flashcards use the concept of spaced repetition for better memory retrieval. The forgetting curve goes flat as the trainer exposes the children to the flashcards since they start remembering things in the long term. 

This blog will share everything about right brain training with flashcards and how parents can use it for their child’s benefit.

When is the right time to start?

Parents can use flashcards when their children are as little as six months. It will help to stimulate the right brain and make it simple to impart education. Flashcard training for a six month year old child can be surprising. But, research says that children develop excellent color vision when they are six months old. They become capable of seeing the world in three-dimensional and view everything in depth. 

Benefits of Flashcards

Flashcards enrich the children’s memory power. This method is so simple that a parent can create flashcards at home. When this is paired with other concentration exercises for students, a child can perform better. So, here are some of the benefits of using flashcards.

1 – Right brain stimulation

The right brain owns all the intuition and creativity of a person. Scientifically, the left brain is slow to respond as it looks at details. But, the right brain is very active and provides instant responses. So, the flashcards are shown to the child in quick succession. It helps trigger the right brain and pass on the information at short notice. 

2 – Connects the left and the right brain

The trainer reads out the word on the card. When this happens, the linguistic part (left brain) gets activated. The moment the child sees the flashcards, the right brain is stimulated. In this process, both the right and the left brain work together. Hence, it fosters overall brain development.

3 – Memory Improvement

Flashcards are an important part of memory improvement techniques. When the child receives visual cues, they tend to focus their attention on them. This process helps them to memorize things easily.

What flashcards should you get?

There are various flashcards for babies. Each serves its own purpose, and therefore you must know about all of them. 

  • Black and white flashcardsSuitable for infants in the age of 0 – 3 months.
  • Phonics Reading Program Flash cards – Suitable for babies above 4 months 
  • Math Dot Flash Cards – Suitable for babies above 4 months
  • Picture word flashcards – Suitable for babies above 6 months

So, if you are looking to enhance visual memory, use flashcards with colorful images. On the flip side, if you want to teach language or words, flashcards with neatly printed text will be effective.

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