Mindful Practice Helps Overcome Panic Attacks

Mindful Practice Helps Overcome Panic Attacks

In today’s fast-paced world, panic attacks have become so common that each and every individual experiences this condition at any point of their lifetime. Panic attacks are a kind of anxiety disorder where you respond to your fear when it reaches the maximum. The individual who experiences the panic attacks undergoes extreme distress and discomfort which reaches its maximum within minutes. However, cognitive behavioral therapy is offered to these individuals to overcome their fear. One of the strategies which is also a part of CBT is mindfulness. In this blog, we will briefly look at how mindful practice helps to overcome panic attacks.

What Is Mindful Practice In Panic Attacks?

One of the ideal ways to manage one’s panic attack is to practice mindfulness. During panic attacks the individual experiences very intense and sudden feelings of anxiety and fear with physical symptoms such as palpitations, sweating, and breath shortness. In such a situation, the individuals feel like they lose control over themselves or experiences life-threatening conditions.

Thus, for individuals who experience such panic attacks at any point of time, mindfulness comes in handy to handle the situation wisely and overcome the same. As VR therapy helps greatly in education these days, mindful practice is one of the most useful tools that trains your mind to be more conscious about body movements, feelings, and thoughts. The mindful practice helps the individuals to understand, focus, and accept the current situation which makes them to handle it more calmly and that too in the most rational way.

As we could see that panic attacks start from the mind and connect with the body it is essential to activate the relaxation response which is opposite to the stress response. Moreover, mindfulness practices such as deep breathing, yoga, visualization, and massages help in minimizing the panic attacks of cognitive symptoms. 

How Mindfulness Helps In Overcoming Panic Attacks?


The foremost way mindfulness helps the panic attackers is that it increases the self-awareness of oneself. It creates a self-awareness of one’s feelings, thoughts, and emotions prior to developing a panic attack. Thus, by becoming more prone to these alertness, the individual realizes the trigger points or the early signs of panic attacks. Hence, mindfulness helps you to take the necessary steps in managing your panic attack symptoms effectively. Mindfulness as a part of ADHD treatment in Chennai helps them to stay focused for more time.

Minimizes Anxiety:

In case of panic attacks, the most common triggers are stress and anxiety. So, by practicing mindfulness regularly, the individual can effectively minimize their stress and anxiety which greatly helps to relax oneself and calmly handle the situation.

Helps In Breathing:

When an individual experiences a panic attack they get shortness of breath within seconds which worsens the situation. So, when you practice mindful breathing regularly you can slow down your breathing rate and greatly help in promoting good breathing practice.

Hence, these are the ways how mindfulness helps you to overcome panic attacks. It is also essential that you seek medical guidance if you experience frequent panic attacks. Approach Sugsar Edutech, the best English coaching centre in Chennai who helps adults and children with various brain training techniques along with mindfulness practice to overcome

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