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A Guide To How Brain Training Techniques Deal With Common Phobias

Phobias are more than irrational fears as they directly impact an individual’s mental well-being and daily activities. Any phobias, be it the fear of spiders, height, or public speaking, can limit individuals from their career growth, social communication, and happiness. However, there are many conventional therapies to treat these phobias, one of the contemporary methods […]

What Is Neuroplasticity & How It Helps In Shaping Young Brains?

Our human brains are nature’s marvel and keep evolving per our surroundings. The constant evolution and adaptation of human brains is due to neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and reorganize the ever-forming neural connections an individual undergoes. Hence, this blog will explore neuroplasticity and how it helps shape young brains. Understanding Neuroplasticity: […]

How Virtual Reality Helps In Phobias?

What if we say that you can overcome the phobia by sitting in your therapist’s office and watching a movie? Virtual Reality (VR) technology has been used for decades to create immersive and interactive experiences in various fields, including entertainment, education, and healthcare. In recent years, VR has been increasingly used as a treatment for […]

Brain Training Strategies For School Success

Students constantly seek ways to enhance their learning capabilities and improve school performance in a competitive academic environment. One practical method is to start working on brain training strategies and make it a part of their study routines. It helps the students enhance their focus and problem-solving abilities by improving their overall academic performance through […]

Brain Training Techniques for Kids

Parents and educators increasingly recognise the importance of children’s cognitive development and brain training. Hence, engaging your kids in various memory improvement techniques will improve their concentration, memory retention, provoke critical thinking and cognitive skills. In this blog post, we will briefly see the various brain training techniques that support your kid’s overall cognitive development. […]

Stressed? Time To Practice Mindfulness

In today’s fast-moving world, stress has taken over all our lives despite age and gender. In order to overcome these stresses, many suggest practicing mindfulness these days. However, what mindfulness means? As every individual needs to outperform these days to succeed in meeting the demands of life, they are obviously pushed to the edge of […]

Do You Exercise Your Brain?

Do we really care for our brain? Does our brain require exercise? Like any other body parts, our brain also needs some care and attention. There is also a myth that exercising to improve your focus, memory, or for any daily activity is only for the older adults. However, it is not true that memory […]

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