Do You Exercise Your Brain

Do You Exercise Your Brain?

Do we really care for our brain? Does our brain require exercise? Like any other body parts, our brain also needs some care and attention. There is also a myth that exercising to improve your focus, memory, or for any daily activity is only for the older adults. However, it is not true that memory improvement techniques are only for the older adults; rather individuals from every age group can benefit from these brain exercises by incorporating them in their daily activities. 

Many researches have been conducted to determine whether brain exercise is essential for our daily life. It has also been proved that an individual should hone their brain with certain exercises for mental sharpness to make your brain stay healthy. Similarly, by performing such exercise one can boost their memory, focus, and concentration which helps them to perform their daily tasks much easier and faster. Hence, in this blog, we will look at certain exercises and the benefits that you get from it.

Jigsaw Puzzle:

We have seen or heard that the Jigsaw puzzle is the best brain sharpening activity which is offered as concentration activities for students. It is because when you do a Jigsaw puzzle it promotes multi-cognitive ability in the individual which also acts as a preventive factor of visuospatial cognitive aging. So, you can simply say that a Jigsaw puzzle is a great way to keep your brian active. When you are doing it you look for various pieces that fit perfectly with each other to make that one big picture. Be it a 1000 piece puzzle of an Eiffel Tower or a 100 piece puzzle of a Mickey Mouse, Jigsaw puzzle is one of the excellent ways to strengthen your memory and improve your focus.

Playing Cards:

We all surely have played cards with friends and family, but do you know that playing cards can improve your memory? Research conducted in 2015 says that a quick card game can generate more hormone volume in many regions of the brain. Similarly, a card game can provoke thinking skills, and an excellent exercise for your right brain training. So, if you are good at playing cards make sure to include it in your daily activity once in a while or if you are new to this game train yourself with any one of the games suggested below.

  1. Crazy Eights
  2. Solitaire
  3. Hearts
  4. Bridge
  5. Poker

Improve Your Vocabulary:

Thirdly, improving your vocabulary not only makes you sound smart but also stimulates your brain instantly. It is found that when you learn new words or vocabularies it makes your brain get involved with the task stimulating your auditory and visual portion of your brain. You can include this activity in your daily schedule by learning a new word everyday.

  1. Have a notebook with you.
  2. Look up for a new word and description. Note it down.
  3. Try to incorporate the new word in your daily conversation.

There are many more brain stimulating activities for all the age groups which makes your brain healthier, and sharper. Try to include the suggested activities for your brain stimulation and also approach Sugsar Edutech, one of the best centers to learn memory techniques, right brain education, and many more cognitive skills developing methods despite your age.

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