Ignite Your Child’s Learning Through Brain Training

Ignite Your Child’s Learning Through Brain Training

Brain training is an early learning procedure that allows your kids to develop their cognitive functions faster, making it easier for them to learn new things. This is especially beneficial for younger kids as their brains develop faster than teenagers or adults. In this blog, you will learn what brain training is and a few brain training exercises that are helpful for your child. 

What Is Brain Training?

Brain training is a set of activities that are created to reinforce various cognitive skills like memory, concentration, and reasoning. It involves multiple programs and games like memory improvement techniques and right brain training.

The goal of these activities is training children to:

  • Pay more attention to a single task.
  • Improved memory.
  • Process information as quickly as possible.
  • Learn new things faster.
  • Be mentally flexible.

Can It Help Kids with Learning Disorders and ADHD?

While brain training exercises can help all kids, they are particularly effective on those kids who have memory deficits. So, kids who have a low memory, like those with learning disorders and ADHD, can benefit from these brain activities.

However, these brain training exercises should only be treated as support treatments. They cannot replace proper treatment procedures like cognitive behavioral therapy and other treatments designed for kids with low working memory.

Brain Training Exercises That Will Ignite Your Child’s Learning

Concentration Exercises

Concentration exercises for students are one of the best brain training activities to improve your children’s focus and learning abilities. There are multiple ways you can put your kids through concentration exercises.

If you have relatively younger kids, you can take a few of their favorite toys and line them up one after another. Ask your kid to remember the toys, cover their eyes, and remove one or two toys from the line. Now, ask them if they remember which toy is missing.

For older kids, you can simply show them a few objects, let them observe them for 15 seconds, and then hide them all. Now, ask your kids to name all the objects they saw before. You can start with five objects and increase the number at every turn.

Mandala Art

Want to make your kids interested in brain training exercises? Then you should try mandala art, which will instantly capture their attention. Using mandala arts helps your kids to coordinate your mind-body accordingly. It will improve their psychomotor skills along with their writing and art skills, helping them learn new things faster in the long term.

The usual mandala art typically uses several geometrical shapes to create an aesthetic sense and scene. It can give your kids a visual understanding of colors from an early age.

Imaging Or Visualization

Imaging is one of the best right-brain training exercises. The exercise begins with closing your eyes and visualizing specific scenarios that will improve intuition and critical thinking.

You can ask your kids to close their eyes and ask them to tell a story right away. Continuing imaging exercises over months and years will develop your child’s cognitive function faster, making it easier for him/her to learn new things.

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